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Posted: May 20, 2015
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Job Opportunity: Elementary and Intermediate Teachers


Elementary School Teachers (2) for 2015-2016

-Teaching Qualification

-Minimum two years teaching experience in Canada

-Sufficient Islamic Knowledge

-Capable of teaching all academic subjects in a self contained setting

-Able to incorporate a variety of teaching and learning strategies

-Keep abreast of educational development

-Highly motivated in character building

-Fluent in written and verbal English and excellent interpersonal skills

-Must have effective classroom management, group dynamics, organization and computer skills

-Can use data to drive curriculum development

-Ability to create Islamic integration, environment, and thinking strategies

-Ready to learn, improve and update the teaching skills

-Ready to fulfill the mission, vision, and curriculum of Seerah Mission School.


Posted: May 20, 2015
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Spelling Bee 2015


Spelling Bee 2015

Assalamu alikum one and all! It gives me great pleasure to inform you about our school’s first annual Spelling Bee contest held on March 31, 2015. The students were buzzing into action and were totally psyched about participating. The event lasted for most of the day and the kids were eager to participate. We had some tough competitors amongst our group and it was quite enjoyable to witness this level of competition and great sportsmanship among our students. All students participated, with the exception of our Kindergarten class. They were all prepped to do so, unfortunately, some of our participants of that level were absent on the day.

We had 2 categories:

  • In class competitions
  • Over all school championships.

Every student competed for the position representing their grade. Those representatives went on to competing against each other in the final round to determine the spelling Bee Champions of our Elementary Sector (KG-4) and Senior Sector (5-8).

Alhamdulilah, it gives me great pleasure to announce our winners of each grade and the champions of our school.

In Class Competition

1 Osman Shaik Muhammed Misbahuddin
2 Wali Muhammad Ayuob Buamer
3 Hamza Imam Kulsum Shaik
4 Ayesha Hassan Khalid Laban
5 Naseem Hussein Wardah Imran
6 Aisha Amin Amina Sharif
7&8 Malaikah Jawed (7) Rameen Khan (7)


School Champions of 2015

Division First Place Second Place Third Place
Elementary Osman Shaik (1) Ayesha Hassan (3) Khalid Laban (4)
Senior Wardah Imran (5) Naseem Hussein (5) Amina Sharif (6)


We look forward to next year’s competition, where, Inshallah, Seerah’s finest Bees will compete against other participants of their level from other Islamic Schools.



Posted: May 20, 2015
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Field Trip to Woodbine Fantasy Fair


Seerah Mission School

Field Trip to Woodbine Fantast Fair

By Laylah Bharadia, Grade 7

On Wednesday, November 19th, the students, parents, and teachers of Seerah Mission School went on a trip to Woodbine Fantasy Fair. We all had a blast on this trip.

The bus ride there, the students sang the song, “Give Thanks to Allah”. We sounded pretty good.

When we reached the fair, we had to wait patiently to get our tickets. It seemed like forever before we were able to place our things in the party room, and split into groups. We ate our lunch at the time. The younger children were hungry. The rest of us enjoyed a light snack before we got to go on the rides. There was a drop tower, a Merry-Go-Round, an X-D theater, a mini roller coaster, a train, bumper cars, a playground, and much more. My favourite ride was the Drop Tower. I experienced it the most that day, about 6 times. One of the times, we went with Sr. Raihana. She squeezed my hand so hard, I thought it would crush. It was so funny the way she screamed and kicked her feet. Another thrill I enjoyed, was the Rock Climbing wall, which many of the students got to experience, and enjoyed, as well. I was able to climb quite high and my teachers, who were watching me, were really impressed by my efforts. It was an experience I would love to do again. We had a wonderful time, screaming and laughing with our beloved teachers and friends.

Soon, it was Zhuhr time and everyone met back in the party room to pray. Some of us ate our lunches, along with the delicious samosas Sr. Majidah had brought for everyone. Then, we continued to enjoy the rides.

Pretty soon, it was As’r time. After praying, unfortunately, we had to leave. We all wanted a few more minutes to enjoy one more thrill but it was time for us to catch the bus and get back to school.

On the bus ride home, everyone was talking and laughing about the day’s experience. It was loud and noisy. The time we left was rush hour and we were stuck in traffic for a long time. Not only was it rush hour, but the weather took a turn for the worse. It began to snow quite heavily and this caused further delay on the highway. The ride was long and tiring. Eventually, after a long and tiresome drive, we reached the school much later than we expected. Parents had been waiting for us. Some came to school and left. Others were calling the school wondering where we were. I reached home at a late hour. I remember it was after 6.

The thrilling time students, teachers and volunteers of Seerah Mission School had, was an experience of a lifetime, and filled with memories we will never forget.

Despite the high traffic volume and delay to reach home that evening, it was, indeed, a fun filling day! I cannot wait for the next field trip!