Key Features:

  • Quran is the the nucleus and focal point of the curriculum.
  • Integrated Curriculum of Deen and Dunya; learning all subjects in a way that leads to the path of Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w.).
  • Best academics ability with Ontario Curriculum for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, French, and Arabic.
  • Covers both numeracy and literacy (physical, social, intellectual, cultural, interpersonal, moral and spiritual).
  • Health & Physical Education, Gym, and Sports.
  • The Arts: Visual Arts and painting that depicts the meaning of Al-Quran, Calligraphy, and Nasheed.
  • A comprehensive tarbiyah (in life training) program for moral and spiritual development.
  • Training in oratory, writing, leadership, organization, and in collective wisdom through various creative activities.
  • Qualitative Islamic studies and Quranic education.
  • Tahfeezul Quran [on request, girls only (female teacher)/ boys only (male teacher), part time and full time].
  • Seerah of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (s.a.w.), his companions (r.a.), and all other Messengers of God; from Adam to Jesus, (peace be upon all of them) as role models.
  • Educational Field Trips.

Curriculum Policy:

  • Learning English language is emphasized as it opens the window of worldly knowledge.
  • Learning Arabic language is in priority as it opens the window of the knowledge of Deen, the divine knowledge.
  • Math is emphasized as it opens the knots of the mind and an important life skill.
  • Learning Science in a way to recognize the signs of Allah as another open book of Allah, the universe.
  • Health and physical sciences has been given preference. Healthy mind resides in healthy body. Health is the best asset and trust of Allah for this world.
  • There is no prejudicial approach in developing and implementing curriculum. The educationist’s and teacher’s role in this respect is like bee that gets the extract of every flower.
  • Children will be encouraged to come to school in wudu and maintains it in full school day.
  • Assembly:
  • Al-Quran: Surah Fatiha (prayer for the straight path) with English translation.
  • Surah Ikhlas (declaration of oneness and unity of Allah) with English translation.
  • Darood e Ibrahimi (praising the Messengers of Allah),
  • Supplication:“Rabbanā ’Ātinā Fī Ad-Dunyā Ĥasanatan Wa Fī Al-’Ākhirati Ĥasanatan Wa Qinā `Adhāba An-Nāri” (prayer for betterment in this world and hereafter), with English translations
  • Supplications for increase in knowlege and wisdom
  • Ayah of the week (One Ayah of the Quran with the perspective of building character recited, memorized with meaning. An Islamic teacher will explain it in brief. It will be repeated whole week)
  • Hadith of the week with English meaning
  • Quran as a subject (Tahfeez (Memorization), Tajweed, and Tafseer (Meaning)
  • Arabic as second language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Islamic Studies (Seerah, Aqeeda, Fiqah, Islamic Histrory, Morals and Etiqueets)
  • The curriculum covers spiritual literacy (God-consciousness), moral literacy (noble character), intellectual literacy (useful knowledge), physical literacy (healthy living), interpersonal literacy (human relations), cultural literacy (faith in action) and social literacy (public service).
  • The process of educating and learning at Seerah Mission School is an Ibadah, a state of worship. Teachers and students will maintain taharah (cleanliness) and wudu (ablution) and keep remembering Allah (s.t.) during the class hours.
  • A comprehensive tarbiyah (in life training) program will be developed in a way that students can acquire a good level of taqwa (Allah consciousness), morals, positive approach, creativity, good etiquettes, learning to respect parents, elders, neighbours and fellow citizens (Maamlat). They will also be trained in oratory, writing, leadership, organization, and in collective wisdom through various activities.
  • Educational field trips at different and varied places both for fun and education.
  • A monthly program/meeting on “teaching and parenting” for parents and teachers.