May 20, 2015

Spelling Bee 2015

SpellingBee_Page_1 Spelling Bee 2015 Assalamu alikum one and all! It gives me great pleasure to inform you about our school’s first annual Spelling Bee contest held on March 31, 2015. The students were buzzing into action and were totally psyched about participating. The event lasted for most of the day and the kids were eager to participate. We had some tough competitors amongst our group and it was quite enjoyable to witness this level of competition and great sportsmanship among our students. All students participated, with the exception of our Kindergarten class. They were all prepped to do so, unfortunately, some of our participants of that level were absent on the day. We had 2 categories:
  • In class competitions
  • Over all school championships.
Every student competed for the position representing their grade. Those representatives went on to competing against each other in the final round to determine the spelling Bee Champions of our Elementary Sector (KG-4) and Senior Sector (5-8). Alhamdulilah, it gives me great pleasure to announce our winners of each grade and the champions of our school. In Class Competition
1 Osman Shaik Muhammed Misbahuddin
2 Wali Muhammad Ayuob Buamer
3 Hamza Imam Kulsum Shaik
4 Ayesha Hassan Khalid Laban
5 Naseem Hussein Wardah Imran
6 Aisha Amin Amina Sharif
7&8 Malaikah Jawed (7) Rameen Khan (7)
  School Champions of 2015
Division First Place Second Place Third Place
Elementary Osman Shaik (1) Ayesha Hassan (3) Khalid Laban (4)
Senior Wardah Imran (5) Naseem Hussein (5) Amina Sharif (6)
  We look forward to next year’s competition, where, Inshallah, Seerah’s finest Bees will compete against other participants of their level from other Islamic Schools.